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Long reach brakes

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by gbb, 14 Jul 2007.

  1. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Got an old Raleigh Clubman, it came with 700s and centre pull Weinmann brakes.
    I want to put some normal sidepulls on and obviously need long reach calipers....its about 60mm from the mount bolt to centre of the blocks.

    Do you get any loss of braking or flex on the calipers when theyre this long ?
  2. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Veteran


    My commuter has centrepulls too - they work a treat since I upgraded the bike to STI and have 501 levers on it - though they had non-sti levers on before which replaced the death grip levers - these levers (sora I believe) worked fine too with the weinamanns). Also the brake blocks help - try Koolstop or someone else may have other recommendations....

    The brakes could also benefit from taking apart and greasing in the right places if you're mechanically minded/confident.

    If you do decide to replace these will do the trick


    I believe tektro do a similar type of brake.

    Sorry I can't comment as to how well they work - I did the research but found with a little TLC th weinmanns worked well enough for me so didn't relace them in the end.

    Hope this helps anyway!
  3. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Thanks... :laugh:
    I 've seen the Alhongas...they look ok.
    Tektos website doesnt give much away :blush: unless you know the model or number youre looking for..
    I aim to use my Sora STIs as well, i didnt even consider whether you could mix the STIs and centre pulls...food for thought if i can get them looking decent...which may be a problem :eek:
  4. andrew_s

    andrew_s Veteran

  5. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Veteran

    Yup I'd try first giving the centrepulls a good service, new brake pads (such as Koolstop) and I guess you'll be installing new cables/outers anyway when you change the levers. Brakes should work a load better - thats what I did! re tektro - they were in the c+ mag about 7-10 months ago - sorry dont remember the model no.

    I did find this on the web re. Tektro (R553?)- there's a link to a customer review too


    and the Tektro web page

  6. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Man-Machine

    If a 57mm drop is enough, I've got the Shimano A550 and the Tektro on different bikes. Shimano definitely worth the extra money IMHO. Byercycles.co.uk have them both.
    I think it's worth doing a fill strip down and rebuild of the centerpulls first though, if only for the retroness. :eek:
  7. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Nice one guys, some food for thought :eek:

    It did occur to me to retain the older components, but some...most.. are looking every bit of their age...dull alloy and old old old looking levers etc.
    I only really got it for the frame with the intention of updating and upgrading it with components off my winter bike.(nothing special, Sora etc, but still in good order)
  8. simoncc

    simoncc New Member

    I've put a Tektro 556 on the front of my Dawes Galaxy to replace the Avid cantilever. It is very good even though my forks mean that I need to use nearly all its very long reach. It isn't as sharp as a normal short reach dual pivot brake but it is much, much better than the Avid canti it replaced. I'd recommend it.

    Cantilever brakes are utterly useless.
  9. simoncc

    simoncc New Member

    By the way I got mine here very cheaply.


    They are nice and shiny and the shop told me that they were available with a short bolt or long bolt. If you have an 8mm hole in the rear of your fork to take the recessed nut that most brakes now have you can buy the short bolt version that uses the recessed nut. Otherwise get the long bolt version that will be long enought to be used with your fork. Or get the rear fork hole drilled out to 8mm!