Longstanton to Cambridge Train Station - cycle route?


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Hi all,
I'm thinking about cycling from Longstanton Park and Ride to Cambridge train station. I've tried tracing it through Google maps but would like confirmation.
1) Does anyone know if the cycle path along side the guide busway does go from Longstanton all the way to the Cambridge train station?

I would like to cycle that route but before I venture out I would like to know if the cycle path goes that far. I just don't fancy cycling in Cambridge traffic unless it is a dedicated cycle path.
Quick answer is no

The route runs alongside the Guided Bus Way, but ends when it does - note the Bus Way route on the sites does not distinguish between on road and Guided sections

The bus route from the Science park into the station is on ordinary roads

There are then cycle routes that you can use from the point where you leave the Bus Way, but they are varied and mixed in quality

This map may be of help


also available in orange
TBH depending on what time you make that journey, there may well be a whole load of commuters doing that very same ride. There's no getting away from it, Cambridge is a bit of a pig to get about and you'll hit traffic going one way or another.



If you are going early in the morning then it won't be too bad;to get to the station you are going to have to use the normal roads somewhere along the line.

When you get off the busway you could head into Chesterton and pick up the river cycle path you can then follow it to abbey road then cross newmarket road on to york street and ainsworth street which then brings you onto kingston street(nice pub there!) and then across mill road and on to devonshire road which will then bring you to the back of the railway station car park(aprox 9.28 miles);that would avoid using most of the busier roads with the only hold ups probably being crossing newmkt and mill roads.
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