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Please excuse me if this has been asked before but I'm new around here...

I appreciate there are 3 different types of cleats for Look pedals and they offer differing degrees of 'float' but what is the significance of having more or less 'float'?

I bought a new pair of shoes recently and the guy in the shop was surprised I asked for 'red' cleats (those offer the most float, I think). It seemed his default option would have been the 'grey'. Sensibly perhaps he reckoned I should stick with what I currently use but it's left me wondering what are advantages or disadvantages of each.

Any insight on this would be most welcome.

Smokin Joe

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I use red cleats and I don't have any issues with the amount of float, they hold securely and it doesn't take much of a sideways twist to release. Depending on how the leg moves on the pedal stroke some people need more float than others to avoid straining the knee joint but if in doubt go for red.
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