Looking behind you


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Fluffy said:
I have 3 types of looking back.

1. The glance
2. The "normal" lookback
3. A good proper look.

Its all about trying to keep your body straight as others have said.
I have a 4th, the 'Hard Stare', which is 3, but with a glare added...:smile:


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Relax, sound like you are too tense while riding. Fine a quite area off road and practices talking you hand off the bars and then look over you shoulder. Then once you are used to doing that try looking over your shoulder with both hands on the bars, but mainly steering with the opposite hand. Keep practising until you feel confident.


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In addition to the advice above, I also have a good look at the road in front of me before I look behind (potholes, dead animals, etc) :sad:
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