Looking for a pavilion


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Hey hey... maybe a little bit off topic, but maybe someone can enrich me with his experience.

Iam looking for something like this:

It has to be sturdy and give some shelter against the wind and rain.
I want to spend some evenings with friends this summer and decorate a tent like a café where we can stay and piffle a little bit.

Can someone recommend a website or a dealer and maybe a model of this tent?

Thank you.
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Do you want to find dealers in the UK or in USA?


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My folks hired something similar for my sister's wedding, the company were brilliant - friendly, efficient and didn't destroy the patch of garden the tent was up in. Idaho might be a bit outside their area though...


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My experience is you get what you pay for, there are a lot of cheap ones on the market, that will last a summer if you are lucky as long as you keep them out of the wind, or you get the ones used by wedding companies and market traders, which will last you ages and are more wind proof
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