Looking for ho(s)tel tips in Seoul / Incheon Korea for September 2024

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Hello people,
long time, no posts!

We are going to visit South-Korea this year in September / October for four weeks.

We are flying in and out of Seoul / Incheon airport.
What we normally do when flying to and from the same airport is that we try and book accomodation for the first day(s) and the last day
that does transportation from the airport to the accommodation and then also ask them to keep our bikeboxes for our return.
And preferably English / French / German / Spanish spoken as well, since our Korean is horrid, certainly not good enough for a phonecall out of the blue.

So far we have been able to find accommodation that would provide these services in all cases.
Many times with the help of the online community.

So, our question is: does anyone here know of a nice hotel or hostel that would provide these services in the (close?) vicinity of the airport.

And, if you have any tips, let us know!

Much thanks in advance!

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