Looking for Hybrid bike, up to £600, good speed


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Specialized Sirrus would be my weapon of choice, if you don't want a single speed / fixie. If you do want a fixie I'd recommend the specialized Langster street.


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Whyte cambridge with better tyres

http://www.discountcyclesdirect.co.uk/catalog/product.php?CI_ID=12322&Item='Whyte Cambridge 2012 Hybrid/Commuter Bike'

Or the shoreditch for a current model

http://www.discountcyclesdirect.co.uk/catalog/product.php?CI_ID=17858&Item='Whyte Shoreditch 2015 Hybrid/Commuter Bike'

Or single speed, something like a charge plug. Or push your budget and talk to pearsons :smile:


I'm sure they can do a flat bar version If you prefer


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Thanks all, will look into the Specialized Sirrus and the Pearsons model which looks great. Out of curiosity what would be a little different?


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Wiltshire UK
Before you decide; take a look at the Giant Hybrids.. They go from Zero 0, 1,2,3,4, etc... 0, being the best. lighter and quicker than Specialized and Pearson hybrids.


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My pearson single speed is really quite light, well under 10kg

It is a leftfield choice, but be aware it is not a geared bike like a Sirrus. Not sure where in London you are, but they sell specialized hybrids, and their own models (among others) out of their shop in sutton (not open Sunday). It's less than 10 minutes from sutton station
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