Looking for ladies all-round hybrid bike - any recommendations?


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Hi all,
I have to buy a bike for the wife. A hybrid, so good for road as well as simple bike trails ( cycling the Tarka trail, that sort of thing).
Easy to cycle, not to heavy, that sort of thing.
She is NOT an advanced rider by any means
She is between five foot four and five foot five.
Budget - lets say £450 very tops.
So, looking for a good, solid, very reliable bike that fits these parameters.
I don't know the exact difference between a mens and womens bike - A unisex bike? I don't know.

Anyway, can anyone offer any recommendations? Many thanks.

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Bending the budget ever so slightly, in medium flavour (and they do seem to have stock!) this will do everything very well indeed:



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It is a "tad" more expensive, yeah, but I see where you are coming from: thanks dude, looks like a great bike. One question - I'm not sure about the 700 wheels. I've always used 26 inch myself. What are your thoughts? Can we just swap the wheels - guessing this will mean less ground clearance for the pedals.


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With demand outstripping supply I’m afraid it’s a case of tackling this the other way around, find whats available and see if it suits. It’s not much use to you if someone recommends a certain bike and it’s not available for two months.
i suggest you have a look in Evans, Decathlon and Halfords for starters, they all offer solid bikes in your category. Then come back and well try to evaluate the best buy. Although there are women specific bikes it’s more to do with marketing than anything else. A lady specific saddle might be worth while though but you’ll have to ask the females on here about that one.


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Hybrids come with 700c wheels, unless they’re very small (not needed for someone who’s 5’4).
Rim brakes and rigid will be perfect for her uses but as said stocks are minimal. Perhaps see if anything used is available locally. I’d guess at a small-medium
or 15’’-16’’ ladies frame
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