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I am looking for a mountain bike for my wife.

19 inch frame. Nothing too high spec but a good make would be good. Looking to pay 150.

for example I have seen a Specialized Hardrock 3 years old 145.

if you have one for sale near me Surrey. Please let me know.




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They have this at Go Outdoors, in 18 & 20" frame size.


If you phone them, they will likely price match Merlin Cycles, that have this bike for £159, but only in a 22" frame.


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My suggestion, fwiw, is to up the budget to say 225 if you can and look for one of a few bikes at a price that basically completely protects your investment. I recommend a Voodoo Bizango - I've seen a number of absolutely mint ones (barely ridden) go for 175-225 and even if you ride it regularly, as long as it's maintained you'd get £200 for it in 3 years time. Similarly look for 2018-2019 Bokor at £300 (I paid 270 - admittedly a rare bargain - for my 2019 one which had never seen a 'proper' MTB trail and only had one scuff on the fork where it'd been dropped) - it's got many more now but I expect someone would snap my hand off at 325 if it was for sale. It's better to buy something you'll really enjoy riding at £250-300 which will be worth 200-250 when you sell it in a couple years time than something less comfortable/capable for 150 that you'll sell for 100 in a cpl years time (if that's an option). All the best
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Just a thought, but is your wife an experienced cyclist or is she relatively new/coming back to it?

The reason I ask is that new bikes at the £160 mark are more likely to be heavy, which may be offputting to a newbie. Getting a decent bike on the second hand market may be the better way to go.


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Hi. Yes she is new to it. I am just trying to the get best for the money. I think a decent second hand one maybe a good option. There don’t seem to be many bike sold on this site.


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Hi any thoughts on Specialized pitch sport 2018 one is for sale at £200. Research says it’s an entry level bike.


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2012 Specialized Hardrock £185

Spec is as follows:

Frameset: Specialized Hardrock - Red 26” - 17” (M), FSA headset fitted and Shimano Deore BB.

Front suspension: RockShox XC28 - Remote Lockout - Plush!

Crankset: Shimano Deore HT - 1 Speed.

Wheel set: AlexRim XD-Sport White - 32 H 26” - Smooth hubs and true.

Drivetrain: SRAM X4 Rear Derailleur + Shifter - Red Ceramic Alloy Jockey Wheels fitted.

Brakeset: Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes - 160mm Rotor - Nippy and freshly bled for sale with lever covers.

Handlebar: Wake 700mm - Black

Stem: Cansucc 50mm AM Stem

Seat/ Seatpost: WTB Volt + Bontrager Rhythm 30.9mm.
Pedals: Wellgo Plastic

Any suggestions
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