Looking for my first road bike


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I've been riding a hybrid for two years and have realized two things:
1) I want to go faster and 2) I want to go further.
*I love road biking.
I'm doing an hour (23k) two times a week and am building up longer rides on the weekends (55k).

Now I'm looking to purchase my first real road bike. After riding a few at the local dealers I know I definately want a women's specific bike.

I've looked at Giant (Avail 1 and the Alliance). I also really like specialized entry level Ruby and top of the Dolce line. **The thing is, no dealer in my area (Hamilton/Halton) can get any of these in. *I'm now thinking if I could find a used bike I could afford to go to an all carbon, higher end bike.

**I haven't had any luck on ebay (I'm 5'2/female) and need a XS giant or 52cm Specialized. **Does anyone have anything that might suit me??

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
Hi Luannel and welcome to the forum. Can't help with the offer of a bike, but I can sympathise with trying to get a small road bike. Mrs A is only five foot nowt and we had a heck of a job fitting her up with one. We eventually bought a Giant TCR CW from Rutland Cycles from stock. You may have to be prepared to travel.


Hey, Lu.

I helped put together a Dolce last week, it was a nice bike. The colours were different to those on the Spesh site, with a lot more of the burgundy colour, it looks mighty fine, IMO.


It was a bike being built for stock rather than for a customer. Of course, if you were closer to East Berkshire, I could recommend an LBS which has one in stock but I think it would be a long way to come for a test ride. :becool:
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