Looking For Off Road, Mountain Bike Map??


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Hi there, done loads of hiking through Europe so a big fan of being as far away from civilization as possible while respectfully wild camping. But still coming across a corner shop every few days, easy while cycling as don't mind going slightly of the route.
Does anyone know where i can find a map or a guide for someone who has done something similar to what im planning? im really struggling to find anything online, found loads of people talking about a map, or loads of people who have done it but cant find and map itself.
if not, at the very least a trail that is mainly cycle paths and minimal main road usage? if anyone could put a recommendation through that would be bloody awsome
A map or a guide for 'Europe' is not, and cannot ever be, a single entity, but if it is 'Europe' you are determined to cycle in, and not any specific region or country, you might want to look at Eurovelo.

I am a map fanatic - I'd as soon read a good map as read a book - but I don't know of a single map that shows corner shops ... except the one drawn by a local on the back of an envelope ...
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