Loose Frogs


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I wanted some play in my cleats, and Frogs were recommended.

Bought a second-hand pair (new price seemed a bit much), so almost utterly ignorant of what I'm doing.

Got new 'elastomers' (white bits of rubbery stuff), replaced the existing ones on the bottom of the metal/rubber inserts that slot into the foot cleats.

Fitted cleats to Cannondale 'Range' shoes.

Problem is (I think) this: pedals engage very easily, no great clunk/click like you get with ordinary Shimano-type cleats. And they disengage very easily too. Just a twist outwards and you're free.

Is this the way they should work? I just feel they should be locked a bit more tightly!

So, Frog users, advice please...


Fiona N

I've not used Frogs but your description fits with my experience of Speedplay X2 lollipop pedals. Everything feels really loose and a bit 'skating on ice' sensation at first as there's no 'centering' with the cleats. I got used to this pretty quickly and the loads of float was brilliant.


I have Frogs and the play you are talking about is exactly as I have it. You get used to them after a while and benefit from the 'no centering' aspect. Your foot can wander where it wants/needs to on each rotation. They are an acquired taste so do persist with them for a while before deciding whether they're right for you or not.
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