Lovely ride today!


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Went out today for a quick twenty, it was fine until the P++++++e faries got me near to Sth. Mimms. Still, had it fixed in 10 mins and was on my way to the pub. It was a nice day to get out.


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got out for a few hours today. Not a bad day really, as andy said, the roads are a bit muddy though, weather was generally damp, but not too cold. Christmas dinner is going to take a few weeks to burn off me thinks.:ohmy:


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Very nice today. And yesterday. And the day before. About 35-40 miles each time. First time I've done any riding except commuting for quite a few months. Been using the summer bike this week (no guards), it was filthy today, and so was I. Normally I hate cleaning bikes but since it isn't very cold and i've got loads of spare time I didn't mind today, almost enjoyed it.

I'm getting worried about the P****** fairy however, haven't had a visit for so long I'm due about 19 in a single ride.
Went out for a couple of hours. No rain or much wind, very unlike Monday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple of downers though. The cafe we normally would drop in on had the audacity to be closed, on boxing day, knowing full well I'd be out! I was so looking forward to an espresso and slice of carrot cake. :ohmy: And I had to wash the bike when I came home!


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Eeuurrrggghh, I have been in full on lazy mode since about the end of September. If it wasn't for my daily commute I would be about fourteen stone now, fortunately I am still only eleven and a half compared to my normal elevenish. This is quite encouraging! :ohmy: Well in a way, it's actually not much of an encouragement to get out there. I can feel the urge to start training again slowly starting to build though so all is definitely not lost.


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Dom, get out there- if I can go out for a blast with a hangover from Christmas day, then you can get out for a spin...... Loads of others out in North Cheshire this morning early on.....
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