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Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Plax, 9 Feb 2008.

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    I have a friend who uses one a bit like that. The only problem with anything on your back is getting a bit sweaty, although ladies glow apparently and don't sweat.

    If it's for leisure cycling as you say, a bar bag and saddle pack could be a good alternative. Or a pannier. No harm in that.
  3. OP

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    I do have a pannier rack, but unfortunately I tried fitting it on the bike yesterday and no amount of adjusting would get it to fit. It was fine on the old bike, but this bike has no braze-on's and stuff and I couldn't adapt it even with P-Clips (So to ebay it goes).

    I was thinking of a seat post mounted rack, but one of the reasons I didn't like my pannier rack in the first place was because it obscured my rear lights on the seatpost. Adapting them onto the pannier rack wasn't very secure. So I don't want to faff with taking my lights on and off whenever I put a rack on.

    Same with saddle bag, they obscure the lights as well, and although you can clip one light to the front of many of them, I prefer to have 2 rear lights (I know, I'm just fussy!).

    As for frame mounted bags, well, mine is a female frame and with the bottle holder, there ain't nowhere to put one.

    On my commute to work I have a rucksack, on shorter rides I've been taking a normal bum bag but you can't wedge much into them.
  4. ufkacbln

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    Horses sweat
    Men Perspire
    Women Glow
  5. wafflycat

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    middle of Norfolk
    Carry any load on the bike rather than on you.

    If I'm using my road bike for a day ride in the summer, I use

    Topeak QR Beam RX Rear Rack
    Topeak RX Trunk Bag EX

    Space for light on bag and on rack too. So I do, indeed, have a two-rear light set-up.

    Works a treat.

    On my tourer, which has a 'proper' rear rack on it, I have:-
    dhb Elsted Rack Bag As my pannier rack has a rear light on it and the rack bag can carry a light, I also have a multiple rear light set-up with this.
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