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Hi to you all,
I currently leave my bike at work and use it at lunch time. I have one hour to get out for a bit of exercise.
Any of you guys know of a good exercise routine for this period ?


I use a little circular route which takes me uphill for 1 mile at a decent pace then rest coming back down and repeat 3 times. It develops the muscles far better than long runs.


If you ve only got an hour you want to make it count really. Something long the lines of 15 mins flatish 30 mins with some lumps or harder work 15 mins easy back to work. Take 5 mins off each if you need changing time etc. Either a loop or out and back.


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Does one hour include showering when you get back? If so, I'd make it 10 mins warm up pootle, alternate 1 min fast as possible, 1 min pootle for maybe ten of each, then pootle around for 20 mins a while to cool down. That leaves ten mins for baby wipes and you're done.

Alternately, ten mins to find a hill, one minute to charge up it, one minute to idle back down, repeat...


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I ride 5 miles home for lunch then 5 miles back to work, taking it a little easier on the way back as I do not want to see my lunch again, luckily this has never happened.
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