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I'm a long time lurker who found a wealth of information here before setting off on my first tour in April 09. 14 months of pedalling later, I'm now in Kashgar and the general plan is to head along the northern silk road towards Beijing before looking for work to fund the next part of the trip. Any info about cycling in china would be great. In particular, whether we should go the Xian or Inner Mongolia route... Only been in China for a week and have to admit that after Pakistan, we're really enjoying the beer and the World Cup. Thought that a bit of research on CC would make me feel less lazy. :-) Thanks in advance for any help.


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Sounds like a fabulous tour!

Can't help with cycling advice (except that everyone cycles, which always helps). If you're visiting Xi'an, the Terracotta Warriors really are worth a visit. Even if you saw them in London, the sheer scale of the main pit is just amazing.
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