Lycra Louts


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Oh dear, some motorist has been held up by a cyclist (me? unlikely cos I don't wear lycra on the Orca) and has written to the local paper... ticks all the boxes... Lycra Lout.. . Cyclepath use... taking the middle of the lane...


Makes some useful comments about the general poor standard of driving around here.

One of the commentards thinks that if there is a cycle path a cyclist should be forced to use it.

Comment if you feel the urge (and can be bothered to register)!

It's OUTRAGEOUS! Someone was going slower than me. They should get the hell out of my way. And another thing, someone was going faster than me and dared to complain - they wanted me to get the hell out of their way! What a cheek! You'd never catch me doing that!
I always reply to these with two points:

My concern that the writer is unaware of the Department of Transport Code of Coduct for cyclists which clearly states that cyclists travelling at 15 mph or above should be on the roads.

Even more worrying is the failure to understand cyclists road positioning. The Institute of Advanced Motorists states that:Cyclists are advised to take a prominent position in the road well ahead of any manoeuvre to ensure they are in the right place at the right time. If they ride in the middle of the road it is probably not to obstruct your path, but to ensure that they are seen by you and by other motorists.

Cyclists often ride at some distance from the kerb to avoid drains and potholes and to discourage motorists from squeezing them on narrow roads. It is not in their interest to delay motorists deliberately.

The original letter if anything shows clearly a worrying lack of knowledge about road safety.


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I'm not commenting in this case since I'm not from Weymouth. But if any local person wants to point it out, the purpose of cycle lanes is reduce congestion by encouraging motorists to switch to cycling. Once they're confident enough they can ride on the road and they'll still be taking up less space than their car.
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