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I have an Israeli group who seem to think it necessary to 'macho' everything up, to them riding a bike is a tool to proove how tough they are, i hear things from them like,
'we ride, whatever , whenever, we suffer its what its all about'
'we NEVER stop, not even to pee'
'we ride 100+miles everyday in Tel Aviv'
'pain doesnt matter' them riding is about speed, speed, climbing faster than anybody and proving how tough they are. They arnt race cyclists, not in a team, or a club, just mates. Everything is judged in terms of meters climbed, miles , power output, cadence, heart rates,.....its imposible to communicate on any other level with them except in the language of stats. Zero interest in the beautiful scenery, th epeople, culture, they may as well still be hiding in front of the support car in the Tel aviv traffic they wanted to escape!
(apparently the main reason for the support car there, on even the shortest of rides, is to shield them from the drivers!

Ok ..each to thier own....but to me this attitude is sad.....there is so much more to cycling than prooving how strong you are....who cares....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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They care, like you say. Each to their own :smile:


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Everyone's different I guess, some go just for the scenery and to escape, some get completely over the top with it. Most people are a fine balance between.


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Reminds me of a tour in mainland Europe and having to share a dormitory with an elderly German cyclist. Even in the usual cycle tourers small talk (where from? where to? etc) I could detect an air of competition although he was less than 100 miles from home. Eventually of course he had to ask my distance per day while on tour, I gave a very non-commtital response and turned the question back on him. "I cycle 100 kilometres and swim in the sea every day" he replied.
The following day he was up and away before I woke but around lunchtime I stopped to visit a model ship display and there was Herman, I doubt if he managed 100 k that day!:biggrin:


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A bit of daft willy waving if you ask me but if that's what they're into...

I can sort of understand the obsession if they were training for a race but any good cyclist knows you need to have rest and recovery. Sounds idiotic to me.


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Sounds to me like they are having great fun and have clubbed together to hire a team car so they don't have the holiday spoilt . If you want to look at the views and culture of a country you go with your missus .
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dont get me wrong guys....if they want to suffer, le tthem suffer, they seem to enjoy just confused as to why they use it to 'willy waggle' as i think was mentioned above. When I ride I soak it all up, its all so good, and a shame to miss any of it for the sake of 'sufferring' ....and being 'real tough guys' (even though ive seen faster ...erm..not me i should add lol!)
It's like they need to proove something, when in fact ther is no need...they are good riders..thats enough right.

Maybe im just getting old lol!
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