Mad craving for flat Pepsi after 10k run


Lost it, got it again.
Any idea what this is about? After my last 5 or so 10k runs, I've had a really bad craving for flat Pepsi or Coke. The odd thing is, I dont really drink cola normally, unless I'm pubbing it and driving.

Is my body telling me I need something?


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Are you pregnant ?


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That's happened to me too. It's the caffeine and the sugar. After the Northern Cyclone last year I was pretty knackered. I saw someone drinking a coke and had an urge to do the same which surprised me as I don't drink it as a rule. It had an almost immediate effect, within 10 - 15 mins I felt so much better.
Coca cola is sometimes given to competitors after events involving open water swims. Allegedly something in the coke kills something in the water. They must be serious because I doubt that cc supply them for free for this purpose.

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Yep they feed you flat pepsi on ironman the marathon section. I only drank it on the last leg as it gives me a bad head sometimes.
+1 for dslippy's comment. A few mates drink it after swimming in dodgey open water.
Perhaps you need to run through it with a marathon.
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