Maddest thing I've seen...

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... for quite a while was the cyclist travelling along the A213 this afternoon... hands while carrying a moderate sized dog in his arms. I rarely use smilies but - :biggrin:


Velo, boulot, dodo
I guess it's sort of tricky to hold a medium-sized dog with just one hand.

jay clock

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Hampshire UK
On Boxing day a couple of years back I spotted what looked like a cycle tourist on the A5 in North Wales. Temperature about 2 degrees, and he was barefoot. Not actually a tourist, looked like someone with a mental health problem

jonny jeez

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Having joked with NigC about carrying an umbrella, saw a tall bloke on a tiny BMX (saddle really low) pedalling along in a mottled blue suit carrying and umbrella to keep his head dry! (on the kings road about 8.45 yesterday)
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