Made a boo-boo

I was enjoying watching some program called "crash stunt idiots", and enjoying the total lack of brain activity needed to do it.

*Ding d-ding dong ding ding d-d-diiiiiiiiiiiing dong*

*mutters about needing to remember to change the bloody annoying dorbell ringer thingy*

I opened the door to be faced with a smart-casualed young man holding flowers, and as I was processing this information and wondering why a young man with folwers would turn up at our door, as both my female housemates have boyfriends, and I have a girlfriend.

"Can I see A please?"
"Uh, sure, I'll just get her, wait here."

*cogs whirr, brain function normalizes*

Bugger. That would be A's ex-bf. And I've just told him she is here.

So they are talking in the lounge at the moment, and I am in my room doghouse, and we need to go to Tesco before 4 otherwise I can't feed my gf when she returns from her netball tournament, but I can't leave them alone together in case he gets violent.



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Is there no tesco express nearby? That will be open to 11.


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South Beds.
Jacomus-rides-Gen said:
No, no such creature. I might be able to scapre something together between co-op and one stop, both of them being tiny and crappy!!

If you have a mobile she can you you if things get unsavoury.
At least your giving them space and if you say that your popping out to the shops and you'll be back shortly then I'm sure that would make things ok.


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i can remember, as a student, trying to keep housemate's "home" girlfriend (who had turned up unexpectedly) from finding him in bed with "uni" girlfriend.

needless to say i was as useful as a chocolate teapot in that regard, and she ended up sobbing on the stairs.

awkward, to say the least :smile:
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