I don't know about you but I'm a bit tired of stars like Madonna wheeling out some new material every 5 or so years and going on tour charging £100+ per ticket.

I wish they would just retire gracefully, or fall over at the brits then retire!!!


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Why should they retire just because you don't like them? Other people are willing to pay to see them so what is the problem?
You don't have to listen or go see them.
If people still want to pay to see them then why not. I'm not one of them, but if doesn't affect me!

Basic laws of silly and demand - as soon as people won't pay for them anymore, they will stop putting on the shows!
A tricky one.
Some artists come up with some fantastic music late in their career. Johnny Cash springs to mind. Also Sophie Ellis-Bextor's album last year was a new and very good direction for her. My favourite album of last year. Quo going acoustic is great.

But then there are some who are just there because they are who they are. Madonna probably would be in that group for me but then her set on the superbowl a couple of years ago was great. David Bowie and Paul McCartney definitely should give it a rest.

But then I looked at getting tickets to see Texas and went to see Manfred Mann a few months ago.


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Madonna.. Didn't he play football for Argentina?


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I try and see Ian Anderson at least once a year, and have done so since 1989. So long as he keeps writing and performing, I'll keep going.

As for Madonna, she's not my cup of dried leaves in boiling water but if folk want to pay to go see her then fair enough. But Madonna, please, for the love of God, Grant me one little wish - KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!!!

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Ah Madonna, takes me back to my drinking days in central London in the early 80s.

One of the pubs in Marylebone High Street put in a new-fangled video juke box.

Like A Virgin was played many times - me and my mates were transfixed.

And she didn't sound too bad, which was a bonus.
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