Dave5N said:
Why didn't you just overtake him in the tunnel?

I take it you are referring to one of my videos! :wacko: There isn't much room in the tunnel, so if they are making reasonable progress I hang behind them. It also gives me an excuse for a breather! :blush:
Oh yes he was! ;)

Seriously though, space is tight there and if I have any concern that the cyclist might wobble as I pass I just hang back.

Anyway I feel like I am doing them a favour. By cycling behind them I am encouraging them to cycle that little bit faster up the hill. So I am providing a wee work out for them :rolleyes:
BentMikey said:
I bet you tell them about your video camera! That would be funny, and excellent motivation to ride faster.

:blush: I wonder jow the ladies would react if I said I was videoing their bum.......not that I would be looking there of course....:wacko::blush::biggrin:
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