Magura HS11 front rim brake and spares


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SOLD - Magura HS11 front rim brake and spares

Now sold, thanks for looking
This is the basic straight bar version, with the Evo II fitting system making them easy to fit to any bike with V/canti bosses (Well easier than the original version)
Front brake complete, bled and ready to fit. Unused Koolstop pads, plus spare lightly used standard black pads. Complete with unused brake booster. Pipe length is approx 57cm
Rear brake – has no lever… it broke and somehow the bike shop or distributor lost it and I got a refund, so it owes me nothing…comes with part used Koolstop pads and well used black standard ones. I can’t find a HS11 lever to make it complete, it would work with a HS33 lever but these cost almost as much as a single brake. So spares only. Also comes with unused brake booster
£5 with above or £10 on its own.

Bleed kit and length of unused pipe with new olives.
£5 with either of the above, not really worth posting on its own.

I’ve also got the instruction book to go with either of the above, I think it’s online anyway. And a couple of zip tie hose holders.
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