Magura MB08XC ......

bonk man

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Very nice and light Focus made frame.....

trouble is.... I have trouble riding it due to my feet being quite heel inwards ;) so they occasionally clip the stays even with 170 cranks.

Consequently I have only rode the bike a few times and will be selling it to someone with normal feet angles, I have this problem with other bikes as well, my steel Stumpy is just about ok for me.. so I will stick with that one for the moment.

I got the Magura to replace an M1000 that was too big for me, the Magura is a much better frame imo, easier on the climbs and tricky bits. Frame weight is similar. Size 17 inch.

Anyone interested give me a shout, 200 quid inc postage for frame and Acros AL 03 headset.
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