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hi guys
ive had my bike for 12 months now and im thinking of doing a complete strip down and cleaning everything do you think its worth doing:?:??


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It is worth giving it a service.

Thinking about it:
If you use it off road strip, clean and replace ball bearings in wheels. If not just check they run freely and no play.
Bottom brackets are sealed these days. Run it till it dies.
Clean the chain and all the gears. Check chain for wear, replace it if worn. Consider replacing the cassette, best practice is replace with the chain but if you are prompt with your chain replacement the cassette survives 2 or 3 chains.
Clean and adjust shifters.
Grease all cables, adjust. Check for corrosion on outers and inners, if anything's frayed junk it.
Check brakes, replace worn parts as necessary.
Check wheels for true, tyres for damage, check all OK.
Smile. Wash hands, drink tea secure in the knoledge that your bike will do another year without incident.


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well i could do with some practice, so ill probably do a bit of both, thanks guys
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