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Hi all
I just wondered if some of you could give me an idea of what regular maintenance I will need to do on the road bike, is there anything that I should be lubricating or paying particular attention to, do I need to put anything on the chain or gearing in between rides for example.
Also could you please give me some suggestions of what products you would use for this, also for keeping it clean.
The bike is a new Specialized Allez Elite and it’s many years since I’ve regularly ridden a bike.
Thanks in advance.


I do very little regular maintenence. Always keep an eye on tyre pressures and alert for any creaks, shudders and clicks and will investigate these. Any bad gear changes and will also investigate. Don't let too much crud build up on the chain and will wipe and apply oil from time to time.

But basically, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


A basic safety check (M check) is useful to know.
Keep the chain lubed. All manner of wet and dry formulations. I use a wet lube. The modern bike versions seem to pick up less dirt than old fashioned generic bike oil. My Aldi lube is fine. One drop per link applied on the inner surface ( when uprights, the top of the lower run). If using spray, shield the wheels using bit of card.
Gear changing mechs need occasional lube at pivots
Just as important, dont oil the wheel rims or brake blocks.
Dont lube the gear shifters controls
Note that WD40 will dissolve the grease out of bearings so best avoided.
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No need to oil chain after every ride unless it’s very wet.
Get a track pump with a gauge for getting the tyres to the correct pressures.

Just use a damp cloth to wipe down the frame and wheel rims if mucky. Mudguards will help keep the bike much cleaner if it’s wet or muddy
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