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I'm still a relative beginner cyclist, but I've owned the same bike for about 10 years now, with very few parts changed.

I'd like to do the servicing myself. What kind of service schedule would people recommend? Specifically I'm thinking about re-greasing all the various bearings on the bike: how often do people do it? I guess most other components can be left alone and replaced if/when they break: am I right?

There's several how-tos on the various jobs, but I haven't yet found a recommended schedule.


Depends on type of riding (road /offroad), mileage what sort of weather you ride in.

But as a general guide, clean & lube the chain regularly.

Leave the rest, the bike will tell you when things need sorting. You'll find the components working less efficiently like gear changes, braking, you'll hear odd noises.

Just don't ignore these signs.


Hubs - properly greased and with good seals to stop the ingress of water they should be trouble free for several years of high mileage. After that I'd replace the bearings,clean the hub/cones and re-assemble just to keep the wheel spinning nicely. Take the wheels out and spin them in your hands and you should be able to detect if they are spinning freely.

The Bottom Bracket will probably be a sealed unit that again will last for a few years. I'd firstly check for play to see if the bearings are worn by giving the cranks a yank and then possibly take the cranks off and try spinning the axle with your fingers to make sure it is rotating freely.


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don't forget that the tools for doing such jobs are expensive and it's best (if you're not loaded) to buy them as and when you need them to spread the cost.

I tend to do stuff as it needs doing and not before, but I do keep a check on EVERYTHING often and never leave jobs until later if they need doing.

IME Shimano hubs have crap seals and need re-greasing once per year at the rate I ride; more frequently in wet/muddy conditions
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