Manchester paid research.

Last time I checked, www. Stood for world wide web. So why they need people to attend in person at Salford Quays I don't know!

They would be better off hosting the draft website online and setting up dial in facilities,then they would have more applicants to choose from. I would do it for half the money this way.
Good morning,

Get responses from 2,000 people, interview 10 people, seems like a bargain if you sell databases of what's happening in the real world.

Dear web site owner, most of your customers are 50+ so your text is too small for them to read. :-)

A couple of key points from the TOS;

(g)provide third parties with statistical information about our users, but only if those third parties are not able to identify the individual users;

4.5 We will never try to sell you anything through our website or emails.

Am I being a bit cynical? :-)


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