Marathon Plus - 1.5 or 1.75?

Quick query after a bad day in which front tyre ripped and left me a 4 mile walk home in a rainstorm.. :sad:

Will I notice much difference fitting 1.75 M+ tyres rather than 1.5? My hybrid commuter has been running on 1.5 tyres (City Jets) but there's so much glass about I'm thinking of going back to M+ and just wondered whether to stick with the same size. Have had M+ before but not of these sizes.

Also (forgive me not Googling for an hour but I've really had it today - just need a bath and bed) does anyone know where they (the Kevlar ones) are currently cheap?

I have just fitted these;

Not sure they are what you are after, if not, forgive the newb.


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I dont know what City Jets are like, but M+ are very heavy and terrible on loose dirt/mud but fine on roads/paths. I'd still use them as my tyre of choice because I hate punctures that much and because theres smashed glass everywhere, the recycling men have even left glass shards all up my street recently. I use 700*38 M+ on my hybrid which i guess are similarish to the 1.5s. :smile:

They also do a M+ Tour tyre now, which seems to be about the same weight, but with some knobbly bits on the sides that might be better if you were to go on trails at all.


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I have the 1.5inch 700*35C (37-622)marathon plus tour on my hybrid as couldn't fit the 1.75inch 700*40c (42-622) under the mudguards without rubbing. Compared to my previous 42-622 tyres there is an advantage in 37-622 in road friction so I wouldn't bother with the 42 unless there are special circumstances.
Cheers folks. I think I'll pop into the LBS and see if they've got these smaller widths in stock so I can get a look/feel of them. I know M+ are heavier and all that from running them a couple of years back but after yesterday, I'll settle for the anti-puncture feature over that.
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