Marathon Plus: usable on the trail?


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Considering getting some 700*25 Marathon Plus tyers.

Appreciate they are excellent on-road when it comes to puncture protection.

Are they usable off-road, say on light trails? Think something a little more challanging than a canal path, but not much.

If not, can anyone recommend a set of 700*32 (or smaller) cyclocrossers? The Schwalbe CX looks good, but anything cheaper will do.




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Yes, easily... not sure about that narrow but I've seen other people do 700x25 (I think they had difficult getting hold of that width).


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might be a bit squirrely on the loose stuff, I've not come a cropper on mine yet but they are 35mm not 25, not sure how much difference that makes to grip.


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I have 700 x 28 marathon plus and there are a few gravelly sections of a cycle path I use regularly and I do take it very sensibly otherwise I can just feel the bike sliding away from me. They are ok over some bumps and dirt so long as it is dry.


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Great cheers folks - looks a bit iffy - think I might get some dedicated cyclecrossers...


I have Marathon + on my crosser 700x28 and they handle my route across heathland fine, some of that is quite rough with gravel & sand.


You can do quite rough tracks on narrow tyres, but the rougher it is the more narrow tyres will slow you down. The difference in speed can be very large - on 25mm tyres you can be reduced to 7 or 8mph on stuff you might take at 18-20mph on 2" tyres.
The main problem is that you have to have narrow tyres hard to avoid pinch punctures, but when a hard tyre hits a rock it bounces up in the air and provides no steering, drive or braking. As a result you have to slow down just to keep the tyre on the ground.

Don't worry too much - most towpaths, forestry roads or "white roads" are fairly smooth, and some can be as good as average tarmac.


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Thought I might add my own experience - I have the 37 Continental Country Ride tyre which came with my Kona Dew on the front wheel of my bike and a 25 bontrager road tyre on the back - ride on some pretty gritty surfaces as well as smooth road on these and feel pretty secure.


Not 700c or Schwalbe relevant so take this with a pinch of salt: my MTB turned commuter had supermarket slicks on, they were very poor in mud. They have a very round section and and no real tread. On dry tracks they were fine but in a muddy rut they were impossible, they just never gripped the edge to climb out. I now have Michelin semi slicks with a series of Vs as tread and a pronounced sharp shoulder, they are very stiff and so far extremely p***re resistant. They cope very well off road, even on muddy tracks. This leads me to suspect that it may be as much to do with shoulder design as tread, and I do know that the sharp shoulder is a feature of the traditional Land Rover all-purpose tyre.

Summary - I reckon you'l be OK.
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