Marilyn Manson

Was anybody else there last night?

'twas a FANTASTIC gig, really really really good.

The crowd was great, Miss JRG and I didn't get trapped in any mosh pits, and we retained an awesome position all the way thorugh :blush: We also managed to *ahem* sh@g *ahem* in the middle of the crowd right near the front :smile::becool: to a couple of our favorite songs.

Their performance was exceptional as usual, and they played a number of new and old songs. Only shame was that it was shorter than I expected because of some technical hitch that seriously delayed the start.

One of my favorite gigs to date :sad::biggrin:
he's a nice bloke. one of the nicest i met when in radio. i gave him my Manics CD (because i hate them).


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I'm not especially interested in labels really - I just know what I like :smile:

Turbonegro were a weird choice as a warm up band. They had good stage presence... for 10minutes, then it was all the same.


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Saw him about 10 years ago. Fantastic show - I would define him as the bastard offspring of David Bowie and Ozzy Osbourne!

(Respect for the mid crowd shag BTW!)
i'd like to go to one of his concerts but am too old,pushing 50, the rest may not like it being stuck next to someone the same age as their grandparents:biggrin:
i have to make do with the concert dvd.
one of my daughters goth/whatever friends of indecernable sex was well impressed when she told him/her i had all the mm albums and dvds.
great music to weight train to.
dope show is probably one of the best strippers tracks i've ever heard- not that i frequent those sort of places
Pied... you should go... it's a great show, that's what he does, he's a show-man.

i think the audience at one of his shows would be so diverse that you'd fit right in.

i don't particularly like his music, but the show i saw was brilliant as a piece of entertainment. i also admire him as he's incredibly intelligent and a really friendly - honestly.
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