Mark as unread function


It's a bit more complicated than that...
Does it exist? Can it be introduced?

I find myself in the office or on the move coming across videos, pictures and other links that are broken (because of firewalls) or impractical to follow. A "mark as unread" button would save them for later when I'm at home.


I think that you can "watch thread" and then refer back to view watched threads later. Sorry, I can't check at the mo as I'm phone-surfing.


You can't mark threads as unread, no, but as Norm has pointed out you can watch specific threads and get alerts (and even email notices) when reponses are made, as well as referring back to your Watched Threads list from your user menu (top right) -

Shaun :biggrin:


It's a bit more complicated than that...
That's not quite what I'm after - it's specific posts I'm thinking of rather than threads. If I "read" something with a firewall notice where a video link or a picture ought to be I want to be able to unread it and save it for when I get home, without someone else needing to post onto the thread to bump it up the list of things to look at. My logical mind says that the read function ought to be reversible - but clearly my mind works in a different way.
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