Married 51 years today.....and its been (mainly) very good :)

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Where do the years go?
Got me thinking......
How long have you been married?
Can you recount any particular highlights**..
I know @welsh dragon has had a good spell. What about the rest of you?
**I still have good memories of 1968 and our 'oneymoon in Scarborough (even though it was cold).
Congratulations to you and the wife Dave.

And to Scarborough - must have been something in the air there in 68.

(edit - just realised your post could sound slightly odd - I trust the highlight wasn't the honeymoon)


Congratulations and happy anniversary to you and your wife, 51 years is not to be sniffed at and I hope that you have something nice planned for Mrs Dave7?

Myself and Mrs Slick are 30 years together but only 20 years married, well, you need to make sure don't you. :thumbsup:


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I've been married 30 years....albeit to different women.
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