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Mavic Launches Bike Apparel Range

ANNECY, France - Mavic announced its entrance to the cycling footwear, apparel and accessories segment. The new ‘softgoods’ collection will be presented in June 2008 for the spring/summer 2009 season.

In the last five years Mavic has been responsible for all aspects of the Adidas cycling softgoods products. Both companies are part of the Amer Group.
Service Level to Retail

In order to focus on the Mavic brand, the decision has been made to not renew the licensing agreement with Adidas beyond December 2008. Mavic stresses it will continue to provide the same level of service to its retail partners which are currently selling Adidas cycling products through the Fall/Winter 2008 season.

Mavic has deep roots in cycling dating back to its creation in 1889. Mavic stated: “We have a long history as an innovative creator of technical products for practices as diverse as triathlon, track, road, and mountain bike. This will be reflected in the Mavic softgoods. This new range will reflect our brand positioning in the cycling industry”

Goody goody!!!!!!!!

John the Monkey

Frivolous Cyclist
Is softgoods a common synonym for clothes?

Back on to topic, I hear good things of a lot of the Adidas (soon to be Mavic, if I read the article right) cycling gear.
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