Mavic Cosmic Elites...


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Any good? Have any of you got a pair of these, or know anyone who has? looking for a bit of feedback, I guess they are pretty good as they are Mavic, I did have a pair of Aksiums on my Spesh and they were nice wheels, looked good in silver, and rolled well, I don't like the fact that the cosmics only seem to come in black tho'. Any thoughts? Parkers are selling them at £240 which seems like a good price.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
I guess it depends on what you want the wheels for. With the Cosmic elites you are trading some weight increase for a degree of aero dynamics from the deepish section rim and the flat spokes.

But for the same money you could get a pair of Open Pros on a good hub which will be lighter, less cross wind effected, and infinitely repairable in the longer term, and available in all sorts of colours.


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Thankyou, I want them for fitness/pleasure riding, when the time comes to upgrade, I will bear in mind your suggestion, as The main things are, that they roll well, are strong/dependable (I weigh 75Kg) and look reasonable. So maybe the LBS build up will be the way to go.
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