Mavic M300 Wheels

Help in a desperate need to replace my rear wheel that went bang recently I immediately went onto Ebay and brought a pair of these wheels.For what I paid they are good value although second hand.The only problem I have got is that fitting and removing tyres is a nightmare as they seem a little bigger than a 700c wheel.

Because I am concerned that if get a puncture out on the road, and we all know it will happen,I may have trouble getting out of trouble so once again I have been back on Ebay and seen these wheels Crosser X-Pert 700c . Does anyone know whether I would have thesame problem with these or have experience of the M300 wheels. Thanks


There's nothing unusual about tight fitting tyre/rim combo's.

On the road you may find that the rubber expands with heat making it "easier" to fit.

At home you could also warm up the tyre before fitting and use talc on the rim both of which would probably help.

Personally I just use a pair of Pedros tyre levers which will lever anything on/off - once you have a good pair of levers it's just a matter of getting used to the amount of force needed.
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