Mavic rear hub-



My son came home after a ride on his bike and mentioned that 'something '


wasn't right with the bike-he's not very mechanically minded-so I had a look---

I found that the rear cassette was jammed and would not freewheel, the wheel being a Mavic Cosmic with an 11 speed 105 Shimano cassette. Thankfully, this didn't cause an off-

Taking the free hub apart, I saw that one of the spring-loaded indents had cracked, and it wasn't returning to the free position. Hence, the problem.

As he's riding tomorrow, I swapped the cassette over to a spare Shimano wheel/hub and installed that-checked the indexing, and it was OK.

My question is, are parts available to rebuild the Mavic hub, I've found complete hubs on the web, but hopefully there's a cheaper option rather than buy the whole unit. Will other hub internals fit this Mavic? Or any other suggestions please

Many thanks


Ajax Bay

East Devon
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