May 9th and 3.3 Celsius !


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Woke up to snow flurries this morning and had snow squalls throughout the afternoon. Then throw in a stinging wind with gusts up to 30mph at times and it was one cold ride. I had to dig out my winter bib tights and wear my fingered gloves, and banda to keep my big ear warm. So I decide to just go play around the campground and lake trails. I figured with this weather the area would be pretty empty and it was.



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The tefalheads are talking about a frost here tonight.


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It's amazing, cracking on towards June and we still get these little reminders about how far North our little island group really is.
Yeah, I often forget I'm less than 200 miles from Scotland :O < shivers with memories of July trips>

To be fair, the coldest I've been in May was in South Wales. Just above zero, hours of heavy rain - not great cycling conditions. I'm now grateful for every hour of shorts weather at this time of year, and we've had a LOT in the past 5 weeks :smile:

Mrs M

Just over a week ago I planted one of my potted palm trees in the ground, along with some bedding plants.
Today it’s snowing with blustery winds. :sad:


About 5 years or so, ago, I was camping at the British National flying championships on an RAF base near Grantham, August bank holiday, it was 2 degrees C, one night, I had a British Army thermal suit which I slept in.
Boy, was I thankful I'd taken it.
The usual weather for this do is incessant gales,and/or monsoon type precipitation, only abating on the last day when it's all over.
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