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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by GazK, 25 Apr 2010.

  1. GazK

    GazK Senior Member

    So the original plan was to pick up my mate at Bradford on Avon, and then cycle to Bristol (30 miles) having lunch on the way. Then I get train home. Never done more than 30 before.

    Anyway, we made it to Bristol in 2 hours 30, had lunch on the waterfront, and then foolishly decided to cycle back, at least as far as Bath. I made it back to Bath, despite annoying sidewind and significant rain, but by that point my a*** was saying "enough with the new Brooks!" and my legs weren't far behind. My mate was up for continuing along the canal, but I declined and got the train. The 3.5 uphill miles from Bradford on Avon station to my house just about finished me off, and I'm feeling a bit rough even now (2 hours later). Odometer showed 48.5 miles at the end.

    What is the best thing to do when you've overextended - what to eat / drink, and when?
  2. PK99

    PK99 Guru

    Immediately on arrival home:Banana and half pint of milk whizzed into a smootie/shake


    Tuna sanwich
  3. madguern

    madguern Active Member

    Two methods were advised to me

    1) Have a beer ! / or milk as this has restorative properties for the muscles accorded to the web and a few mags been reading lately

    2) If legs are killing you try a cold bath ! This is also know to give the repair a kick start

    I know my preference .....


  4. Sambu

    Sambu Active Member

    As Pk99 but shove an egg white in the smoothie!
  5. OP

    GazK Senior Member

    Thanks for all the ideas:

    Smoothie - like
    I already had a bath, but it was hot - I'm not in Eddie Izzard territory!
    Tuna sandwhich -eww! Perhaps I could put the tuna in the smoothie to mask the flavour

    But the winner so far is... beer. Just so happens I was thinking of that anyway - thanks for the scientific backup. Time to cycle to the shop... scrub that, where's the car keys?

    PS I had a pint of guinness with lunch - cos it's good for you, not like the nasty lager my mate had.
  6. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    Drink SIS on the ride.

    Sandwich of sardine and boiled egg mashed with mayo and black pepper on your return.
  7. ASC1951

    ASC1951 Guru

    Unfortunately you need the sugar rather than the alcohol, so you are actually better with shandy.
  8. Chrisc

    Chrisc Über Member

    mine's close to the smoothie, honey, banana and a half pint of custard!
  9. Davidc

    Davidc Guru

    Somerset UK
    If you live you should find that it's easier next time, easier still the time after that etc.

    Soon you'll be doing B-on-A to Bristol and back, and nipping over to Chepstow while you're about it!
  10. OP

    GazK Senior Member

    Let me guess - black pepper is the secret ingredient? Is it what Lance would use? :becool:

    Feeling much improved today - slightly stiff neck, but muscles fine and no longer need to sit on a cushion!
  11. OP

    GazK Senior Member

    Feeling much better thanks. No muscle soreness unless I try to use the stairs!

    I confess I did start routeing NCN4 from Bristol over to Severn Tunnel Junction on mapmyride tonight - was thinking of BoA to Brizzle in the am, then through to Wales in the pm, then train home. I stopped when I got to 20 miles and hadn't even reached the bridge :becool: Maybe in the autumn when my distance is up and my leather dented...
  12. sayek1

    sayek1 Well-Known Member

    I go for a pint of orange juice quickly followed by a pint of milk - both within 15-20mins of getting home after any ride - normally a 20mile each way commute.

    Whilst I reckon I am getting fitter I have to say the above drinks seem to work - the next morning I have little (if any) soreness or tiredness. Saying that my hamstring is aching tonight, but I don't think that can be fixed by drinks.

    Good luck.
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