Maybe someone witnessed this..


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A bit odd as surely if there is no witness for the cyclist or no CCTV then this is the same for the cabbie? Unless people have come forward supporting the cabbie's version of events? The CPS wouldn't prosecute if they felt they did not have sufficient evidence or there was an element of doubt in the facts of the case. That the cyclist was unconscious and is viewed as the person having committed an assault ......... bizarre.

Do buses have cameras on them? Surely of one them captured the incident? I think the std time frame after which images on CCTV are deleted is 28 days.


Smells a bit fishy to me, did it actually happen? What is the other side of the story?
I agree with Crankarm.

Having read one side of the story, and purely going off those facts I would be amazed if the CPS brought a case against the cyclist.

Perhaps theres more to it than meets the eye!
Thread Resurrection, but I have just read this

Seems the taxi driver was not a credible witness, but the cyclist involved did get a couple of witnesses who testified in his favour.

No news of what charges the driver will face though.


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The police and CPS should hang their heads in shame. Had the Taxi driver's witness actually arrived at court to give evidence they would have committed purgery. Perhaps they thought better of it. No wonder they were "out of the country".

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... and the taxi driver will now be charged with assault ..... ??????????

Logic might suggest that. But logic is a poor predictor of these things :sad:


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think the only acceptable outcome is a taxi driver being charged with attempted murder ( yeah right) but seriously if this was a chav who'd caused someone to fall to the ground ( made him unconsious remember) then the 'daily mail' brigade would be up in arms...

and also that copper needs firing...

from what i've heard from various plod friends,, make sure you've seen em write it in their notebooks.... they can't delete pages and they're specially marked.(well not supposed to, obviously they do in those 'special' cases)..

hmm the link says the witness went to a police station to report the incident, star , seems yet again , thankfully most judges aren't total idiots...


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When I read about the witness reporting it to the police station, yet it was still ignored.... well. That's pretty scary. That could be any of us in that cyclist's situation.
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