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Hi numpty question

Can I run Mcafee (total protection - it was on offer!) without 'windows defender' both on auto?

or can I just choose to use 'defender' as & when (I remember) needed with no major security risks, whilst just leaving Mcafee on auto?

I only use malwarebytes (from recomendation on here) when I remember & it's the only thing that picked anything up recently


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I dumped McAfee and would never use it again, free or not. IME it's bloated and clunky and causes crashes and freezes. I switched to Avast after seeing raves hereabouts and it's been great. Free too.


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I use Kaspersky Internet Security,this gives firewall aswell as anti virus, and I agree with SP about mcafee, not worth it even for free.

Malwarebytes is pretty good for scanning on demand. I switch all the MS stuff off, except for things like the popup blocker that's built into IE8.


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Kaspersky...............never, ever, ever again. Bitdefender - and it's half the price


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Kaspersky free if you bank with Barclays:biggrin: On my 2nd year now and it's OK for nowt;)
Technically haven't banked with Barclays for about 5 years but my account is still active with 1p in the account so I qualify for the offer:biggrin:


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A tip if buying Kaspersky, shop around. A 3 user licence from PC World was £49.99. Went to the PC World web site which had the same for £25, reserved it online, went back to the shop and got the £50 marked box for £25. Was cheaper than buying it direct from kaspersky aswell. Not sure if the offer is still on, but they come around quite often.

Although I like Potsy's way of getting it ;)
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