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To cut a short story even shorter, I managed to put my fist through some double glazing windows last night - it dosent matter why or how - but its still bleeding slowly some 12 hours after - should I get it checked out, or just shove another plaster on there and hope for the best ?


and while your at it get your tetanus up to date


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Bugger the plaster. Sanitary towel(s) held in place with tape plaster. Recovering NOT replacing if blood does soak through.

Ditto the above advice


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Get to A&E or your doc *now* Ditto what others have said. You'll need it checked to ensure there's no bits of glass and dirt in there, you may well need stitches, and if there is glass & dirt in there, you may have already started developing an infection.


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Don't go to A and E, if you can avoid it. If there's one around your area go to an NHS walk-in centre, they'll do the same thing but with a lot less queueing, and without wasting the time of people with far more serious problems than yourself (no offence). If you can still move the hand, then it's unlikely that there'll be nerve damage (I cut through my index finger, left hand, to the bone, with a bread knife, damaged nerves and now can't move it all that well)...


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I put a bread knife through my left palm when trying to remove an advocado bleed thick dark blood...not bright red....wouldnt stop bleeding so i was dragged down to the docs...they made me have a jab and stiched me back together again...go get it checked...I think infection is th emain risk.
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