Meet the natives


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What an awesome programme!!!! I absolutely loved it.


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Have caught bits of both (?) episodes so far. First one was middle-class family somewhere, then last night I think was Manchester +Chillingham Castle, Northumberland (I cycled past there last weekend :biggrin:).
The Manchester working-class family gave them (cellophane-wrappd) Eccles cakes as a parting gift, which made me smile.
The Philip as god thing is interesting, an explanation here
Follow the link through to John Frum, too. The cargo-cult stuff is fascinating (and an interesting sideline to the religion stuff over on Soapbox). I'm sure it was through a discussion on C+ that I first looked up cargo cults.


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It's a great show. Not sure about who scripted some of Jimmy's voiceovers though......

As ever, you can quibble about the representativeness of some of the families selected, for example, I'm not sure how 'middle class' the Norfolk farmers were.......

I wish there were more programmes about Britain from a 'foreign' point of view. If we could see travel shows about Britain shown in other countries it might be quite interesting, and it could show us things we didn't know about.


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Have to admit I didn't see it (watched the comedy on BBC2, which turned out to be a bit of a waste of time), but saw the trailers. The chap asking "But why are people homeless?" seemed to sum a lot of stuff up to me...
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