Member Map (FIXED)


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Just tried to look at the Member Map and got the following error ...

[#1901] You do not have permission to view the member map
Yeah, I get the same.


So does that mean *sniffs* that I'm now *sniffs again* redundant? :dry:

As the map-person-adder-onner type person?

Erm ... sorry, yes. :rolleyes:

I've just had a look at the map and it hasn't taken people long to add themselves. It was blank yesterday now there's little red flags all over the place. Well done everyone ... :huh:


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Could we find a little job for Panter?

For the moment, he could be in charge of explaining how to get the preview text for a thread, until we get the mouseover fix sorted... Actually, that could be a full time job.. :biggrin:

I suppose you could add over all your entries onto the new map, but I guess you might need to ask people if it's ok...?


Just call me Chris...
That's Ok, I'm over it now :smile:

I really like the new map feature actually, it could be a real pain adding people at times. The new intergrated system is very flash :biggrin:
Just need to think up a new title now :rolleyes:


Just call me Chris...
CC member location map supervisor ... :rolleyes:
And I think we have a winner :wacko: Supervisor, yup, like the sound of that *puffs out chests and struts around* yes, supervisor :biggrin:
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