Mercian Olympic and Don Farrell frames - free to good home(s)!


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I was having a clearout at work and came across somewhat of a graveyard of good intentions!

I picked up these 2 frames a while ago, with a view to building them up, but at the moment they're just not going to get the attention they deserve. Instead, I'd much rather they went somewhere to be built up or otherwise put to good use. Just not eBayed. I cba to eBay them myself, so if there's anyone who fancies either or both, just PM me and I'm sure we can work something out by way of postage/collection. I'm based in Essex and cover much of the South East for work, or would happily box up for DPD at cost.

Nothing expected in return - just the satisfaction of knowing they're not sat at the back of the rack at work. :smile:

They are, respectively:

A 1981 Mercian Olympic - 531 throughout. 54-55cm-ish size, by the head tube. It will just need a soak with your mild acid of choice to free the stem, I think. Of course, you may not actually need to remove the stem if you happen to be my height - the Campagnolo headset is still silky smooth, so you could just build it up. I checked the frame number with Mercian - it's the model on page 9 of the 1981 brochure.

A Don Farrell touring frame - which feels light enough to be 531 or 501, but only has the headbadge so I can't really tell! Nice lugs and lovely wraparound seat stays. A gnat's smaller than the Mercian at around 52-53cm.

Check the photos, which I'm hoping will magically attach themselves to this post. If not, I'll be back in a minute to upload them! :okay:



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Can I have the Mercian please?

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That's very kind of you to come back and say so. I think I will leave it for someone who would actually do something with it, as opposed me me leaving it in my garage along with other ongoing 'projects' :blush:


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The Mercian is a nice frame but its too big for me I think. I'm jealous of whoever picked the Don Farrell up though because that's one I really liked.
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