Merida bikes. Any good?


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Just been down my LBS looking for a Hybrid bike around the £400 mark for the commute along the tow path to work.

Originally i was looking at the Trek 7.2FX which was £380, but my size was out of stock till September.

They then showed me a bike which looked pretty good, a Merida Crossway 40MD for £379.

It seemed a very comparable spec, slightly better if anything - front suspension, disc brakes etc.

It felt very comfortable but i'd like to spend money on a brand i've at least heard of.

Any thoughts anyone.


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cheers MP. I know nothing about MBTs or Hybrids, but the guy at the LBS who was really helpful told me that for the section of towpath i ride, front suspension would be useful.

Quite a bit of the Leeds - Liverpool canal is quite bumpy with some rutted sections and some cobbled sections.

He didn't come across as someone who was saying stuff just to get a sale.

I've read quite a bit of good stuff about them so I think i'll go back tomorrow and do the deal.
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