Mickey Flanagan...Detour de France


Has anyone watched this hilarious series of Mickey and his sidekick cycling through France...last week included a climb of Mt Ventoux...highly entertaining and original :smile:

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Saw it sometime before Christmas and enjoyed it,indeed,the recordings saw me through the desert that is Christmas TV.I would love to know just how much riding they actually did,I wouldnt have done much myself given the privations they seemed to endure.A bit of a departure from the norm I thought, with the use of bikes,one or two individual programmes aside,the last travel series I remember using the bike as a means of transport was "Fat Man On A Bike"-Tom Vernon I think-and I was at school then!Yes,there have been others,but nothing that sticks in the memory(obviously!).Is there,somewhere out there,a programme controller who is a cyclist?May we expect more of the same?


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watched it the first showing,enjoyed the first three then it became a chore to watch,Mickey is a very funny chap but i found it very receptive in the end


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I have watched a couple but tire of him trying to be funny when there is no need to be. Especially when he's at an art installation or similar and is just really copping the pi$$ with people who's first language is not English. It was on TV the other night and I gave up half way through.


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I watched this over the weekend and really enjoyed most of it. Did find mickey to be quite funny overall but was apparent that he felt he had to keep cracking jokes as a reminder that he's a comedian. Wouldn't mind a jolly boys outing to France myself, with a bit of cycling of course ;)


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On again now. On Pick ( Freeview channel 11). Ñever seen it before but quite diverting. Not every day you get to see a celebrity talk about Roubaix and then riding pavè on a Saturday night - even if it was only 5k.
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