Milestone Treat


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Recently went out with a few guys off this forum for a ride round Halesowen.
Well apart from destroying me on the hills it was a good to see how much fitter i need to be.
A good rest later and im now mysteriously posting an additional 2mph average on my normal training route, It went from 13 to 15.1 mph ave over 16 miles. what happened there?

To treat myself, I decided to get a spare set of wheels.......

So I purchased a set of Mavic Kyserium Elites. They appear to be nice bits of Kit and seem to ride well, although I havnt been out in anger yet.

Im now well on track for the sponsored 26 mile ride which i wanted to complete in less than 2 hours.


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it's amazing how much quicker you can ride when in a group.. well done
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