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    This is a copy of my review from Amazon (

    This camera is under £10 so I wasnt expecting alot. Fortunately, I got more than I was expecting in terms of quality. I have read reviews on Amazon and YouTube about the problems this type of camera has i.e. micro SD card slot breaking, poor quality video. I have not had any of these problems.

    I got the camera to be rear facing on my bike. I used the flat surface mount and attached it using selotape. It seems sturdy and strong. I have then selotaped the camera clip onto the mount. After going out on my bike today, the mount held its position and the camera only moved over the large bumps. I do need to adjust the angle of the mount as I seem to be capturing too much sky.
    For the camera itself, I have attached the lanyard and tied the long bit to my bike frame and threaded it through the mount. Therefore if the camer falls out of the mount, the lanyard will keep it attached until I stop.

    Video quality: The picture is a good quality but does have some problems with the sharpness and focus. It seems to make everything look gloomy however, when the sun comes out, all is okay. I have angled the camera to capture my rear wheel as this camera has difficulty showing distances. The picture does make cars look closer than they actually are and it appears that people are tailgating me when I know they are not. The video also has a timestamp at the bottom which can be changed when you plug either the camera or the microSD card into your computer.

    Another problem is that it isnt waterproof. My ContourHD which I have on my helmet isnt also but it does have a little protection. Unfortunately, this camera has gaps around the buttons and at the SD card slot which means that water is very easy to get into it. A silicon case is provided, but cannot be used with mounts. Therefore I am going to do a DIY job and try to use parts of the silicon to cover the bits which need covering. I beleive that a waterproof case is made for this camera but I dont really want to purchase that.

    Overall, this is a good camera and the quality of the footage and mounts exceeds my expectations. I will suggest that you get a Sandisk 4GB micro SDHC card as there isnt one provided. You will be able to find evidence of the footage on some of my videos below. Pleasent purchasing.
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